Let’s play a game

March 21, 2010

Hugo called Lacy to wear a mask and pretend she’s someone else when he comes to fuck her. When he got there they fucked and then to turn him on, she does all kinds of nasty things in the bathtub as she watches. Watch her splash and tinkle and then get cum all over…

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Amateur quickie

March 17, 2010

Sherri called Danny to come over quick because she was hot and horny. He rushed to her place and immediately was given a deep quickie, but Sherri had to stop and make Danny get behind her because she was so horny and wet.

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Blowjob in the woods

March 13, 2010

In the deep woods is where Marcia gives Rico the deepest head he’s ever had. They go outside to enjoy having sex where they can feel the wind on their naked bodies and where Marcia can scream as loud as she wants without her mother thinking of something. Who ever…

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Swing my tits

March 5, 2010

Jessica may be a big girl but that means she has even more love to give and a bigger sex drive. Watch her massive tits swing left and right, and watch as she opens her legs and shows you how wet she is. Watch this girl next door get wild and horny!

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Patio sex

March 1, 2010

Robby and Heidi just got new patio furniture. As they thought about the nice weather, they got a little frisky and decided to start to break it in a little. Who knew that when you go to their place, where your plate is now, was where Robbie came with Heidi just…

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In the study

February 25, 2010

Laura gets home after work tired but ready to do something sexy. She’ll strip for you and show you her natural, wet and wide open pussy. Watch as everyday Laura turns into sexcat Laura as soon as the clothes starts to drop off!

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Betty and her first time alone

February 17, 2010

Betty doesn’t usually have to masturbate, as she always has someone to satisfy her. Unfortunately, tonight her date canceled, and she had a lot of sexual energy to release. She decided to stay in and pleasure herself the whole night. Watch as Betty masturbates…

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Real bedroom shots

February 13, 2010

Real girls and real guys – and what do they like to do? Get naked and fuck. Watch as Crystal gets naked and turns on Jake. He doesn’t mind that she is a bit chunky- what he loves about her is her insatiable appetite for sex and his big cock.

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Swingers’ party

February 9, 2010

A couple always gets horny when their friends are around. So… why not swing a little, and in this case, swing is not just a popular dance… I fuck your wife while you can have your share of my wife’s juicy cunt!

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Lonelx and sex hungry

February 5, 2010

Lara was alone and starving for an orgasm when she sat down to watch tv. She was totally naked and had no one to fuck, so she took out her flexible rubber hose and got to work. Watch Lara, a real girl, lube and penetrate herself as she masturbates on the couch!

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